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IT consulting

IT&T develops the action plan to increase the performance and the efficiency of customer’s IT systems andto decrease risks while upgrading existing and implementing new information technologies. Consulting services ensure the compliance of customer’s infrastructure (network, hardware and software) and IT services with business processes, creating efficient platform for business management and development.

Results of IT consulting are:

  • Optimization of IT department work
  • Increased staff performance
  • Identification of promising strategies of IT base development
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Improved efficiency of business processes

The complex of IT services includes:

IT audit
IT audit performed by IT&T will identify objective systematic and reliable information concerning the condition of customer’s IT infrastructure. The result of the audit is a package of documents containing detailed information on existing IT infrastructure, a summary of IT infrastructure compliance with key business processes, recommendations for modernization and development.

IT security audit
IT security audit by IT&T is a set of activities including analysis of all the aspects of IT security provisioning within the customer’s company. IT security system audit will verify if the level of company’s IT infrastructure security complies with requirements and if privacy, integrity and IT resources availability parameters are provided. The result of the audit is a package of documents containing a complete assessment of corporate network security, detailed description of discovered vulnerabilities and recommendations for improvement.

Integration of ITIL methodology into IT infrastructure
All the projects implemented by IT&T comply with ITIL methodologies and standards as ITIL is a key tool of business processes optimization. Having experienced specialists in ITIL integration, IT&T provides ITIL integration to customers in order to improve and to standardize the IT part of the business. IT solutions on ITIL are mainly focused on Service Desk organization and incidents, configuration, changes, risks, service level, infrastructure and applications management. All these basic processes are ensured due to ITSM (IT Service Management) that is one of the most popular areas of automation in ITIL complex.

BCP implementation
Information is a critical part of business and that’s why BCP (business continuity planning) provision is one of the main objectives for each company. IT&T Consulting offers data backup service that will considerably decrease the risks of data loss due to emergency incidents, system failures etc. To ensure BC (business continuity) and DR (disaster recovery) IT&T offers to place the information in a backup data center. The data center is an office premises with appropriate IT infrastructure to support the customer’s main office functionality. A backup data center will ensure full capacity of customer’s company in the event of the customer’s main data center failure.

Implementation of methodology of internal projects management
Agile – methodology that optimizes task assignment in: documentation description, plan drafting, software development/implementation.
RUP (Rational Unified Process) — methodology of software development. Its use ensures high-quality software development on time and within the budget frames. RUP is constantly updated to reflect best practices and improvements due to proven results.

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