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Importing food products

IT&T Consulting SA has established a Trading Branch focusing on importing of food products from various origins. We mainly offer spices, nuts and dried fruits. Frequently we have seasonal products in other diverse lines of food. Such offers can be sent directly to our current and potential clients upon request.

From our locations in Luxembourg and Switzerland, we are proud to serve an entire European market. We provide our customer with standard or customized wholesaler product packages. We are continuously expanding our coverage and diversifying our product basket to enhance our supply and meet the demands of our customer base.

Our team exclusively works with premium quality and finest products from the latest harvests. IT&T Trading guarantees our clients and partners full compliance with industry standards and food safety regulations. Standard certificates and lab reports are provided upon request.

Our skilled team at IT&T Trading is committed to your brand and to development of solid, trustworthy and beneficial relationships.

Please address all your inquiries, questions or suggestions to the following emails accounts: